Stroller Saver Pro with Helper Hook

Sale price$24.95

 Stroller Leash with Stroller Hook Includes

  • 1 - Long Stroller leash safety wrist strap - Ultra strong looped design means you are never losing that connection to your stroller
  • 1 - Short Hemp and cotton Stroller Leash loops - Making them the strongest stroller hook you will find on the market
  • 1 - Large Aluminum Carabiner Stroller Hook - Great for attaching as many bags as you can throw at them, even your diaper bag 
  • Freebie - Lifetime Guarantee - If anything happens to your Helper Hooks; lost, damaged, dog ate them, we will replace them for just a small shipping fee 
  • 1 Free Meal Donated to No Kid Hungry


Ever feel a bit unsafe pushing your children up or downhill in a stroller?  Maybe you have wondered why your stroller does not have the additional benefit of a leash or wrist strap for your stroller.   

We aim to solve that problem with our Stroller Saver Stroller Leash.

Our stroller leash and hook combo aims to make your walks a bit safer, giving you peace of mind when pushing your little loved ones around in a stroller that if it ever goes away from you, you'll have the extra safety of a stroller wrists strap.  

Try the Stroller Saver Pro with Helper Hook, the must-have stroller accessory for keeping your little ones safe! Go the extra mile with the Helper Hook for the ultimate peace of mind. Get ready for the safest stroller ride ever!