Tips for Traveling with a Baby in a Taxi

Tips for Traveling with a Baby in a Taxi

Traveling by cab with a newborn infant can be quite unnerving, especially when you’ve never done it before. However, once you know what to expect, traveling with a child inside a taxi becomes less stressful.

Our Top Tips

Tip 1  Know the laws regarding traveling with baby in taxi: 

Many American states do not require taxis to use seat belts, which makes them vulnerable to injuries sustained by children who aren’t properly restrained. 

Safe Rides 4 Kids is an incredible resource to learn about state by state rules regarding child restraints in the US. You will see that laws differ from state to state and even neighboring states have variations in regulation (taxis are exempted from car seat law in New York whereas they are not exempt in New Jersey).

The UK government requires that taxis use proper child car seats; otherwise, passengers under three must ride unsecured in the backseat of the cab. Children aged three and older do not need a safety belt.

When you learn about the local rules concerning taxis, you can determine whether you wish to take advantage of them when traveling with your child.

The law does NOT require you to use child restraints until your child reaches certain height and weight limits. So whether you should buy them depends on what kind of travel plans you have.

Bring your child’s car seat or booster seat along and have them installed by the time they arrive. They’ll thank you later when they don’t have to worry about being buckled into their seats while driving. The WHO states that “the use of safety belts and child seats is one of the safest ways to protect children.”

A recent study found that using car seat belts for children ages zero to four reduces emergency room visits and lowers infant mortality rates.

In conclusion, using a child safety seat is safer than not using one.

Tip 2  Get an easy car seat to install:

The majority of car seats are bulky, heavy, and awkward. They won’t work well for rides in taxis where you really don’t want them anyway. Instead, you should seek out car seats that are lightweight, compact, easy to store, and comfortable. They also shouldn’t require a separate base, and can easily be secured with a seat belt.

Just remember that models change each year and the newer ones continue to get lighter and easier to use compared to previous versions.

Tip 3  Talk with the taxi driver: 

Always tell the driver that you have a baby and stroller if you’re bringing one. 

Almost all drivers should be extremely understanding and accommodating. They should give you a helping hand when putting things into the car, and may even be a gentle driver!

Tip 4 – Contact local taxi companies ahead of time:

Call ahead before requesting a ride in a cab. Some cabs may offer baby carriers. Or, you may see others cruising around town with a stroller strapped onto the roof rack.

Uber is a popular ride-sharing app, and is even kid-friendly. They may even offer car seats. The car seat isn’t going to be quite as comfortable as the one you’ve got in your personal vehicle, but if you must choose between a car seat and no car seat – it’s definitely better to have a car seat.

Tip 5  Be prepared: 

It’s important to remember that even though the car ride should last no longer than 30 minutes, you shouldn’t assume that everything will run smoothly. So prepare yourself by bringing along:

– Plastic bags for containing large messes

– Pack extra diapers and wipes (you never know when they might come in handy).

–At least 2 small absorbent napkins

– Many paper towels

– Baby clothes

– An extra shirt for yourself

– A toy to entertain your baby

– Food

Prepare ahead by bringing along something comfortable that keeps children occupied while traveling. A car seat is essential as babies tend to throw up at random times throughout the day; however, you should pack plenty of snacks before leaving to avoid another emergency stop at the gas station.

Make sure your child is also adequately nourished before traveling by bus or train. Nursing or using bottles reduces fussy behavior and makes things easier for everyone involved.

Tip 6 – Remain calm during stressful situations:

Try your best to do whatever it takes to ensure your commute with your baby goes smoothly. This includes installing the car seat properly and accepting that things will inevitably go awry. Sometimes, you may struggle to put away my bag, or a driver gets irritated, or your baby whines incessantly.

The next time you feel overwhelmed, try reminding yourself that you are doing everything possible to provide for your family. Don’t think about how others view or judge your choices; instead, put all of your energy into making smart decisions. You are putting your child before everyone else, and you shouldn’t allow anyone to influence your decision-making process.

It might seem impossible now but you’ll soon see just how simple it really was.

Calm parenting leads to a calmer child. Stressful parents tend to stress out children. Parents must realize how important they are to their kids – what goes into them doesn’t come back out.

It doesn’t matter if they are annoyed by them or not. It just matters if they judge you negatively because of them.


It takes patience and practice to enjoy traveling with babies, but you won’t regret learning how to handle the inevitable challenges along the road. Besides, you’ll soon feel confident enough to explore even bigger cities without fear. Traveling with a baby in a taxi may feel uncomfortable at first, but our tips will definitely help you have a smooth and happy journey. 


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